Business Coaching & Consulting

Ready to take your career to the next level?

‘Get Ahead of the Competition’ is for those who know where they are headed but need a little confidence booster, crystal clarity, quick actionable items, accountability and mentorship guide. The Consultation/coaching session may include the following based on your specific needs identified: career clarity, market navigation, resume & cover letter review, interview preparation, skills mapping and career transition strategies.

Who Is This For?

Those who recognize they need coaching, accountability and mentoring in their career

High-achievers who are feel stuck, need clarity focus and quick results

You have specifics you want to work through in your career but do not need a long-term commitment

Newcomers, fresh grads looking to have direction and guidance in job navigation, professional branding and network building.

What you’ll Get:

  • Four (4) One-on-One Coaching sessions
  • In-depth career diagnosis- we will weed out any obstacles to your advancement
  • Custom and quick stress-free actionable item
  • FREE Membership and Access to ALL our self-paced courses for 6 Months
  • Access to templates, scripts and worksheets suited to your specific needs
  • Mentorship & Accountability
  • Access to career tips delivered to directly to your inbox

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